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Bouvier in the Spotlight: Otie

April 13th, 2014 · 4 Comments · Bouvier in the Spotlight

Shakespeare’s Phantom Othello…aka…Othello…Otapotamus, Oti -O, Wookie, Moose, Woolly Bully , Bunnybear … OTIE!!

Never truly knew what to expect from a Bouvier but it is quite a ride! From the moment I got the phone call from Linda at about 7pm on a Thursday night nearly a year ago that Lola was giving birth – to the moment my daughter Chelsie picked him out because “the best dogs have big stupid heads” (and he does) …I have been in love.

Looking in Otie’s eyes is truly looking into a soul…especially because he has no issue looking right back at you. When you speak he is listening and watching…he is also quite vocal. I never taught him “to speak” but he has no issue speaking on a regular basis…with hmpfs and murrrrs and outright barks when HE feels you have done something to displeasure him…like leaving or putting him in his dreaded crate.

Otie is not a snuggler unless it is on HIS terms. Which means he may lean on you, lay on your pillows, sit so close to you he is either pushing you out of the seat or nearly sitting on the other side of you! He can be stingy with his kisses, but when he does kiss you it means a little more;) He is a “hugger”…when you walk in the door; if you are family, he will put his paws on your shoulders and rest his head on your shoulder and you MUST hug back or he will “yell at you.”

Otie is not a chow hound unless it is watermelon, ANYTHING you are putting in your mouth or perhaps something left defrosting on the countertop, or the cat’s food. He has a few best friends: Oliver, our friend’s golden, our mini horses, who I contend since they have a fall and are the same size, believe that Otie IS a mini horse and of course Freddie our “patio cat.”

Otie is incredibly smart; he has learned that he prefers “cold” water too tepid so he is pleased that we have provided lovely porcelain water bowls throughout the house and if we should close the lid, he has learned to open them. He is multilingual and can understand commands in French, German, Gaelic, Italian, English…and “mommy is mad.” He believes ALL teddy bears belong to him, NO bed should ever be made properly as the pillows should be everywhere and mud puddles are for bouncing in. He believes that Victoria Secret panties and small socks are appetizers, and much to our chagrin no matter how we try to prevent it has eaten well over $150.00 worth of lingerie.

Otie LOVES sticks and no walk or run can be done properly without finding just the RIGHT stick…and he will search and pick up and discard stick after stick until the PERFECT stick is found. You know it is right because he will turn around and literally smile and then prance ahead doing his bear/bunny/happy dog bounce. He lays on the ground with his feet out flat behind him in the best impression of a bear skin rug or on his back, feet in the air, in blissful deep sleep. He is both smart and brilliant at the same time. He recognizes his commands and knows exactly what to do…that makes him smart. What makes Otie brilliant is when he does his tricks in slooooow motion to make YOU wait just as long as he has too!

We are always asked “what type of dog is that”; with his black mask, and grey brindle, and we have a lot of fun answering: Ewok, Wookie, Bear, Mongolian Chihuahua. But what type of dog is he? THE best kind – a REAL Teddy Bear come to life – a brilliant companion, a comedic relief, a tender heart, a staunch protector…a Bouvier! The BEST kind – my Otie!


Bouvier in the Spotlight: Grady

October 18th, 2011 · 7 Comments · Bouvier in the Spotlight

Before I started dating Paul, I had never even heard of a Bouvier. His parents’ 9 month-old Bouvier rescue named Calvin reminded me of some sort of Jim Henson puppet. And one that enjoyed hopping around and eating flip flops at that. Coming from a Lab household, I had a hard time accepting that this crazy fluffball was an actual dog!

About a year after Paul and I got married, I finally acquiesced to his pleas for a dog. Although I was hesitant to bring another Calvin (who, to his credit, has settled down a great deal in the past four years) into my life, Bouviers were the only dogs that seemed to fit all of our criteria: big, non-shedding, hypoallergenic, easy to train, etc. Some of our friends and family thought we were crazy to get a dog, and we heard more than once, “Don’t get a puppy! Just have a baby. They’re way easier.” Boy am I glad we did not listen to them!

Although we briefly considered a rescue like Calvin, we ultimately admitted that we really weren’t ready to take on a dog with “baggage,” and figured that for our first dog, we should probably start with a blank canvas. I researched a few different breeders in the area, but as soon as I stumbled upon the Mohr Bouviers website, I knew they were different. I spent an hour reading every single article (including their forthright and honest “Raising a Litter- Our Philosophy”), checking every single update, and gushing over every single picture in the picture galleries. I sent an email just to express my interest, but certainly did not expect to receive a phone call from Linda just a few days later!

Linda told us that we’d be put on a waiting list, but that they’d likely be having another litter in the Fall and could always check back then. As a teacher, I knew the summer would be the best time for us to bring home a new puppy, but I trusted that things would work out the way they were supposed to. Sure enough, we worked our way up the waiting list, and when I finally arrived at my first Puppy Play Date to meet the new litter, Linda informed me that we would not only be getting a puppy, but a little boy at that (which made Paul very happy!).

I am continually amazed at Linda and Karl’s ability to analyze the personalities of both puppies and humans. They knew that sensitive “Chandler” would be the perfect fit for our child-free (for now) household. They knew that he just needed an opportunity to come out of his shell, and that for whatever reason, Paul and I would be the ones to give him that opportunity. It seems silly to me now that I actually cried on the way home from one of our visits because I didn’t think that the newly re-named Grady liked me. If only I had known then that I would have to step over him at least eight times every time I cooked dinner because he is always at my feet!

I cannot even begin to express what a blessing Grady has been to our lives. His personality has truly blossomed into one that is incredibly outgoing and playful, while still maintaining his sweet and sensitive nature. When I open his crate door at 5:15 in the morning, the first thing he wants to do is crawl right into my lap to cuddle (and he no longer fits as well as he did a few months ago!). Sometimes it is a downright struggle to get him out the door for his walk! Leaving him every morning still breaks my heart, but pulling in the driveway and seeing his sweet little head resting on the windowsill puts it back together again. No matter how stressful my day was, his cheerful exuberance never ceases to lift my spirits.

I could probably fill a book with funny Grady stories, from the time he built himself a little “fort” out of fallen branches in the front yard, to the time he got into my knitting bag and redecorated the living room with yarn. He also loves to jump in the car and explore new places! Just this morning I took him to a local arboretum where he took off running and leaping over logs and streams. At one point he got running so fast that his little legs wiped out from under him and he barrel-rolled right into some branches. Before I could even ask, “Are you ok?” he stood up, covered in leaves, with a huge smile on his face, almost as if to say, “That was AWESOME!”

Needless to say, we could not even imagine our lives without Grady. Thanks to Karl and Linda and all of their encouragement and support, our little family is complete (for now!). We look forward to watching him grow along with our family and becoming the stately gentleman we know he will be. For now, we are just enjoying every entertaining moment of puppyhood.


Bouvier in the Spotlight – Anakin Skywalker

May 17th, 2011 · 4 Comments · Bouvier in the Spotlight

Anakin traveled nearly 600 miles with my parents from PA to Farmington Hills, MI to get to me and we have been inseparable since the day he arrived. He was the 4th born in Lola’s 2010 litter. I named him Anakin Skywalker after the fictional character in “Star Wars.” It’s a bit of a tradition in my family to name our dogs after characters in that series. While his name is Anakin he also responds to “Kan-Kan” and my brother often calls him “Fluff”.

From the reports I got from Linda, Anakin was one of the first to take the leap out of the whelping box and was very independent in exploring his world. He is still very curious about his surroundings and loves to explore. I have found him under the deck, under my bed (when he still fit), in the crawlspace, etc. If it’s someplace new he just has to go check it out.

A typical day for Anakin starts and ends with a walk and we are doing about 4 miles a day total. As a result of our routine he is a solid block of muscle and is putting away nearly 6 cups of food each day plus treats. Aside from walks he also loves playing with my brother’s dog “Snoopers” that is a lab/husky mix. The two of them just tear around the yard chasing each other and wrestling. It’s great entertainment to watch. While Snoopers is his best buddy Anakin loves all dogs. He has several friends in the neighborhood he plays with and going to the dog park is an ultimate high for him. In the evenings he likes to remove all of the toys from the toy box, spread them all over the living room, and play with whoever is available or with himself if nobody else is willing. His favorite game is tug-of-war and he has an all or nothing philosophy. When he is in an “all” kind of a mood he will literally pull you off of the sofa. A nothing mood involves him holding one end of the toy, flopping down like a sack of potatoes, and then enjoys himself while you drag him around. When he is tired (which isn’t very often) he likes to roll on his back to air out his stomach or hop up on the sofa or into a lounge chair and relax.

Anakin does have some unique oddities in his personality. First, he has a strange relationship with shoes. He doesn’t chew on them (fortunately) but will take them from the front door and drop them random places in the house. I have even caught him several times sleeping with his head resting on one. I’m not sure what exactly he is thinking but it seems to make sense to him. Second, he will HOWL to the sky if a musical instrument like a trumpet is playing. According to Linda this is a trait he shares with his mother. Third, he is obsessed with birds. Everything from a chickadee to a goose, walking on the ground or flying in the air, silent or chirping, he loves them all. He will watch them fly across the sky or stare at them as they peck for worms. I try reminding him he is a livestock kind of dog, not a bird dog, to no avail.

Anakin has been a wonderful addition to my life and given me an emotional rock to cling to as I’m making my way through medical school. There is no doubt either that I am his number one person. I get reports that when I am away from home he is a very different Anakin. Apparently he spends his time up on my bed only appearing occasionally to check on things or to beg if somebody is in the kitchen and then promptly returns to his post. I guess he is just saving all his energy for when I get home because the Anakin I get is one who is always looking for something to do! He really is a special guy and now that I have him I can’t imagine my life without him. I’m looking forward to many years of companionship ahead.


“Moose” In The House – April 2010

March 26th, 2010 · 5 Comments · Bouvier in the Spotlight

Moose is a handsome and gentle soul. He has been the delight of our family since we brought him home from the Mohr farm! We are first-time Bouvier owners and did a lot of research when we decided to adopt Moose into our family. He has been easy to train and is always very eager to please.

Moose LOVES children and children seem to love him too. He gives them lots of kisses and enjoys sharing his ball and rope with them. The girls across the street want him to learn to pull them around in their wagon! (Dear Reader, if you’re interested in Bouviers and carts, feel free to read this post.) Hopefully we can start training him to do that soon.

We also have a 10 year old, 10 pound toy poodle, Mocha, who ruled the roost until Moose came along. While Moose was small, Mocha still had the idea that he was in charge and they even enjoyed an occasional friendly game of tug of war. Now that Moose is approaching 80 lbs, it’s a different story! Moose simply bats him out of the way and takes what he wants. One of his favorite toys is a little blue waffle ball which he entertains himself with. I think the conversation in his head must go something like this “chew on the ball”, “carry the ball”, “toss the ball”, “pounce on the ball”, “chase the ball”…..Repeat.

We are a camping family, and Moose fits right in with that. He went along with us last season and I just know he is very excited about going again this year. He loves being the center of attention at the campground. He has his own camping chair and loves to sit by the campfire, although he has not mastered the art of making s’mores yet.

Recently, Moose has developed some very interesting talents. He has perfected the art of taking the stitching out of a moccasin without actually destroying the slipper and activating the carbon monoxide detector by breathing on it. These are useful things to know!

Moose also has an uncanny talent for telling time. He begins to make a low howling noise at exactly 6:30 every morning. We are waiting for him to realize when it’s the weekend!

Some of you may know that Bob is an artist. Moose is his constant companion in the studio. Who knows, maybe you’ll soon see some artwork from “The Moose.”


Ginger – January 2010

December 28th, 2009 · 4 Comments · Bouvier in the Spotlight

Ginger (aka Petunia) joined our family September 12, 2009. We chatted with Linda for about a month, drawn to Ginger by Linda’s description of her calm gentleness with their tiny, blind toy poodle. Linda did a good job of describing Ginger and how she been accidentally traumatized as a pup by frolicking adult Bouviers on the farm and needed extra special care to conquer her fear. We are older, are experienced Bouvier owners, had the time to work with Ginger, and own a 6.6 lb 9 year old Chinese Crested who needs only gentle companionship, as well as an active 60 lb Standard Parti-Poodle. My husband adores Bouviers; we have been through two years of excruciating grief and painful losses, including our elderly Bouvier, and he wanted a puppy. The Mohrs graciously drove Ginger to meet us in Damascus, Virginia; after an hour of getting acquainted on and near the Virginia Creeper Trail, Ginger seemed a good fit for the Parker household. She was gorgeous, calm, and thanks to the Mohrs, well-mannered; it was love. We struggled through the first week with housetraining and nights in the crate, but unbelievably, after only 8 days, she slept through the night simply gated in our bedroom with the rest of the Parker Pack. She would retrieve her “Lola-towel” – the towel which Linda had rubbed on her Mom, Lola, – and sleep with her head on it, her very own “baby-blankie”. Now, occasionally, when we say “Go to bed” and turn out the light, in the darkness we hear a groan or single whimper of protest at this interruption of her fun, but she always settles down immediately on the vent or in the corner with her legs sticking up the wall. She doesn’t move until we do and always greets the morning with a smiling face and wagging tail.

Savannah, our Standard Poodle, over a two month period, helped us patiently and slowly coax Ginger into play. Another Standard poodle playmate and 8 weeks of Puppy Kindergarten classes restored her confidence. She received accolades from the class instructors and other owners on her obedience and behavior; everyone called her a “big, sweet, fluffy teddy bear”. Watching her now in mid-December, it is difficult to remember the timid fawn puppy who shied away from strangers and dived under a chair or behind the bushes if an unknown dog ran toward her. Her playtime trademark is her Pounce. Bearing no resemblance to the typical Bouvier front leg bounce, the Pounce is Ginger leaning back, carefully gathering her now 56+ lb self, and pouncing cat-like with all four legs onto her playmate. Fortunately, she does this in slow motion, so the pouncee, usually Savannah, has a chance to brace for the hit. (Luckily, Ginger seems to understand that this play move is inappropriate for the tiny Crested.) Savannah & Ginger race around the yard, leap and frolic, chase squirrels and play tug of war with a rope, stick, or any stuffed toy they find. They adore each other. When the poodle gets groomed & bedecked with bright and beautiful fancy bows on her ears, on the way home in the car, Ginger lovingly removes those bad old bow-things someone put on her best friend. (Oh well, it’s only money!)

Ginger enjoys riding in any car, especially in our red Reatta convertible. From behind, she looks like a blonde. Any day now, we anticipate a gossipy call about the man of the house and his blonde companion.

Another of Ginger’s uniqueness is her most favorite treat – ice cubes. At the sound of the icemaker dispensing ice, she immediately comes to sit and wait. She doesn’t lick an ice cube and chase it around the floor as most dogs would, but takes it in her mouth and very noisily chomps it down. She also loves chasing the vacuum cleaner and seems fascinated by any noisy motor. She likes the shower and lurks outside every time we take a shower, waiting for an invitation. If invited, she walks in, wagging her tail, thoroughly enjoying being under the water, being massaged with shampoo and she shakes on command afterward as we towel dry her before allowing her to romp through the house. She looks on longingly when we fill the Jacuzzi tub, but respects that it is always off limits. She’s going to love the pool next summer.

Our previous Bouv’s have been black, but as we’re older, we wanted on a fawn color so we wouldn’t trip over her, especially at night. Ginger’s fawn color perfectly matches our bathroom tile floor, so guess where she chooses to nap? Curses…Foiled again!!!

In January, we will progress to the first level of Obedience training to continue her socialization. So right now, we have a 7 month old Bouvier going through the human equivalent of the “terrible two’s” (translation: stole Santa’s boot, eats outside flower pots, etc.). Otherwise, she is beautiful, cute, has a wonderful disposition, is intelligent, playful, learning to be a good watchdog, good with other dogs and people – including our seven grandchildren ages 5 – 22yrs, obedient, likes riding in a car (droptop or not), eager to please, and enjoys being with us. So, what else could you want in a companion, family member, and friend?