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Ginger – January 2010

December 28th, 2009 · 4 Comments · Bouvier in the Spotlight

Ginger (aka Petunia) joined our family September 12, 2009. We chatted with Linda for about a month, drawn to Ginger by Linda’s description of her calm gentleness with their tiny, blind toy poodle. Linda did a good job of describing Ginger and how she been accidentally traumatized as a pup by frolicking adult Bouviers on the farm and needed extra special care to conquer her fear. We are older, are experienced Bouvier owners, had the time to work with Ginger, and own a 6.6 lb 9 year old Chinese Crested who needs only gentle companionship, as well as an active 60 lb Standard Parti-Poodle. My husband adores Bouviers; we have been through two years of excruciating grief and painful losses, including our elderly Bouvier, and he wanted a puppy. The Mohrs graciously drove Ginger to meet us in Damascus, Virginia; after an hour of getting acquainted on and near the Virginia Creeper Trail, Ginger seemed a good fit for the Parker household. She was gorgeous, calm, and thanks to the Mohrs, well-mannered; it was love. We struggled through the first week with housetraining and nights in the crate, but unbelievably, after only 8 days, she slept through the night simply gated in our bedroom with the rest of the Parker Pack. She would retrieve her “Lola-towel” – the towel which Linda had rubbed on her Mom, Lola, – and sleep with her head on it, her very own “baby-blankie”. Now, occasionally, when we say “Go to bed” and turn out the light, in the darkness we hear a groan or single whimper of protest at this interruption of her fun, but she always settles down immediately on the vent or in the corner with her legs sticking up the wall. She doesn’t move until we do and always greets the morning with a smiling face and wagging tail.

Savannah, our Standard Poodle, over a two month period, helped us patiently and slowly coax Ginger into play. Another Standard poodle playmate and 8 weeks of Puppy Kindergarten classes restored her confidence. She received accolades from the class instructors and other owners on her obedience and behavior; everyone called her a “big, sweet, fluffy teddy bear”. Watching her now in mid-December, it is difficult to remember the timid fawn puppy who shied away from strangers and dived under a chair or behind the bushes if an unknown dog ran toward her. Her playtime trademark is her Pounce. Bearing no resemblance to the typical Bouvier front leg bounce, the Pounce is Ginger leaning back, carefully gathering her now 56+ lb self, and pouncing cat-like with all four legs onto her playmate. Fortunately, she does this in slow motion, so the pouncee, usually Savannah, has a chance to brace for the hit. (Luckily, Ginger seems to understand that this play move is inappropriate for the tiny Crested.) Savannah & Ginger race around the yard, leap and frolic, chase squirrels and play tug of war with a rope, stick, or any stuffed toy they find. They adore each other. When the poodle gets groomed & bedecked with bright and beautiful fancy bows on her ears, on the way home in the car, Ginger lovingly removes those bad old bow-things someone put on her best friend. (Oh well, it’s only money!)

Ginger enjoys riding in any car, especially in our red Reatta convertible. From behind, she looks like a blonde. Any day now, we anticipate a gossipy call about the man of the house and his blonde companion.

Another of Ginger’s uniqueness is her most favorite treat – ice cubes. At the sound of the icemaker dispensing ice, she immediately comes to sit and wait. She doesn’t lick an ice cube and chase it around the floor as most dogs would, but takes it in her mouth and very noisily chomps it down. She also loves chasing the vacuum cleaner and seems fascinated by any noisy motor. She likes the shower and lurks outside every time we take a shower, waiting for an invitation. If invited, she walks in, wagging her tail, thoroughly enjoying being under the water, being massaged with shampoo and she shakes on command afterward as we towel dry her before allowing her to romp through the house. She looks on longingly when we fill the Jacuzzi tub, but respects that it is always off limits. She’s going to love the pool next summer.

Our previous Bouv’s have been black, but as we’re older, we wanted on a fawn color so we wouldn’t trip over her, especially at night. Ginger’s fawn color perfectly matches our bathroom tile floor, so guess where she chooses to nap? Curses…Foiled again!!!

In January, we will progress to the first level of Obedience training to continue her socialization. So right now, we have a 7 month old Bouvier going through the human equivalent of the “terrible two’s” (translation: stole Santa’s boot, eats outside flower pots, etc.). Otherwise, she is beautiful, cute, has a wonderful disposition, is intelligent, playful, learning to be a good watchdog, good with other dogs and people – including our seven grandchildren ages 5 – 22yrs, obedient, likes riding in a car (droptop or not), eager to please, and enjoys being with us. So, what else could you want in a companion, family member, and friend?