Mohr Bouviers

Karl & Linda Mohr – Fogelsville, PA

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Although our puppies live with families as far away as Virginia and the Midwest, please note, we do not ship our puppies. However, if you would like to know more about our Bouviers or to arrange a visit, please call us at 484-707-5710 or contact us via the form below. If you’d like to be notified when we post new content to our website, please subscribe to our website notifications via email.

If you would prefer to send us us a generic message, please do so via

Additionally, we offer AKC Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) and Positive Reinforcement Training at our farm.  Please feel free to contact us if you’re interested.

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    Karl enjoying some Bouvier puppy lovin’ on our scenic farm.
    (click the picture for a larger view)