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AKC Canine Good Citizen Program

Mohr Bouviers Supports AKC Canine Good Citizen Program

In 1989 AKC started the Canine Good Citizen Program opened to all dogs and their owners. Although this program was designed by AKC it is not limited to AKC registered dogs. This program was designed to support responsible pet ownership and well mannered dogs. To be a Canine Good Citizen the dog must be able to successfully perform 10 skills. Here is our list of Mohr Bouvier CGC recipients.

We also offer Positive Reinforcement Training at our farm. As an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator my goal is to have as many Mohr Bouviers take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test and pass. The way to do that is to offer training in three different levels.

Test 1: Accepting a friendly stranger
The dog will allow a friendly stranger to approach it and speak to the handler in a natural, everyday situation.

Test 2: Sitting politely for petting
The dog will allow a friendly stranger to pet it while it is out with its handler.

Test 3: Appearance and grooming
The dog will welcome being groomed and examined and will permit someone, such as a veterinarian, groomer or friend of the owner, to do so.

Test 4: Out for a walk (walking on a loose lead)
The handler/dog team will take a short “walk” to show that the dog is in control while walking on a leash.

Test 5: Walking through a crowd
The dog and handler walk around and pass close to several people (at least three) to demonstrate that the dog can move about politely in pedestrian traffic and is under control in public places.

Test 6: Sit and down on command and Staying in place
The dog will respond to the handler’s commands to 1) sit, 2) down and will 3) remain in the place commanded by the handler (sit or down position, whichever the handler prefers).

Test 7: Coming when called
The dog will come when called by the handler. The handler will walk 10 feet from the dog, turn to face the dog, and call the dog.

Test 8: Reaction to another dog
To demonstrate that the dog can behave politely around other dogs, two handlers and their dogs approach each other from a distance of about 20 feet, stop, shake hands and exchange pleasantries, and continue on for about 10 feet.

Test 9: Reaction to distraction
To demonstrate the dog is confident when faced with common distracting situations, the evaluator will select and present two distractions. Examples of distractions include dropping a chair, rolling a crate dolly past the dog, having a jogger run in front of the dog, or dropping a crutch or cane.

Test 10: Supervised separation
This test demonstrates that a dog can be left with a trusted person, if necessary, and will maintain training and good manners. Evaluators are encouraged to say something like, “Would you like me to watch your dog?” and then take hold of the dog’s leash. The owner will go out of sight for three minutes.

You’ll need to bring your dog’s brush or comb to the CGC test. In the CGC test, dogs must wear a buckle collar or slip collar.

As a breeder we realize the importance of a well manner dog and the bond that is formed when you and your family work with your dog. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this program and make your Bouvier a Canine Good Citizen.

We are very proud to announce that Houdini took his CGC test and passed with flying colors!! As many of you know, I work part-time at PetSmart teaching Training Classes. I have found it very helpful to bring Houdini to work with me and use him as my Demo Dog. Houdini has acquired quite a fan club of both employees and customers. People are always amazed at his quiet, good nature and how well he behaves. Now, none of these people have seen Houdini at home racing around the farm with Jethro, Lola or Belle being a crazy dog who can at time have “selective listening” skills. I guess every dog needs some “downtime” from obedience.

Please take advantage of this wonderful program offered by AKC and get your Bouvier tested. Let us know when your Bouvier becomes a Canine Good Citizen and we will add his or her picture to our AKC Canine Good Citizen Program picture gallery and list of Mohr Bouvier Canine Good Citizens. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call 610-285-4682 or fill out our inquiry form.

Mohr Bouviers CGC Certification Recipients:


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  • 1 Aunt Nancy Kioch // Apr 23, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    Way to go big boy!!! We are so proud of you and you are a fine example to your extended family. Heffala is ready to give it a try,too!! If her Uncle Bob and brother Gus can be the distraction, the other responsible handler, and so on and so forth… she has it made!!!! Nice picture handsome!!! You have done us all PROUD!!! Congratulations to you and to your handler who managed to stay on her two feet during the test.

    Aunt Nancy, Uncle Mikey, and LMS

  • 2 Barb & Warren Wagner // Apr 28, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    Hooray for Houdini! What a special doggie he is. We hope that after the house and auction etc is finished we will be able to start Boo on this course also. He’s already familiar with hospital beds, oxygen, walkers, wheelchairs and lots of different homecare ladies and men plus nurses and social workers. Everyone who were in and out of the house during my Dad’s illness just loved his laid back ways and he was so caring with my Dad that I believe he will make a wonderful therapy dog. Thanks for Houdini leading the way. Barb & Warren

  • 3 kay bond // May 5, 2010 at 9:02 am

    Congratulations to Houdini! Egor is hoping to follow in his paw prints, too! (He may have a chance at the CGC as long as no chickens are present for the testing…..

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