Mohr Bouviers

Karl & Linda Mohr – Fogelsville, PA

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In Memoriam

updated 6/20/19

This page honors our beloved Bouviers whom have passed on but are still with us in our hearts and in spirit.


Earlier this year (2016) we lost a very special boy named Boo. Boo was a well-loved boy who left many hearts feeling empty. Boo started his life living with Barb and Warren of Bethlehem, PA. Barb would get up every morning and while enjoying her morning cup of coffee she would spend some special time with Boo giving him his daily grooming. When Barb and Warren needed to move and had to make the very difficult decision to find a new home for Boo, they found a fantastic home for him where he spent his final year.

I know Boo is over the Rainbow Bridge with his mom Belle. We miss both of you so very much.

Boo - In Memoriam