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AKC Update: Pet Theft On the Rise

December 1st, 2010 · No Comments · Paw Prints from Belle - Tips and Advice

Every year about this time, we hear more and more about pet theft.  Please feel free to read the attached AKC Article to learn how you can protect your loved pets.


Potential Danger in Your Backyard

August 18th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Paw Prints from Belle - Tips and Advice

There is nothing more soothing and refreshing then a dip in a cool pool during a hot summer day. But that same thing that can provide you and your family with hours of fun and refreshment can also be a death trap for your puppy or dog.

Now you may be thinking “but dogs and puppies can swim” which is true for the most part. What can happen is they may not be able to get out of the pool. Whether you have a ladder to climb out of or stairs at one end, the animal cannot climb the ladder or may not be strong enough or even know the steps are at the other end of the pool. If you are not there to see they need help, the inevitable is going to happen.

The other potential danger is a pool with a cover on it. The dog can get under the cover and not be able to get out. This tragic thing happened to one of our puppies from Lola’s litter this year. Her family did not know where she was and found her too late under the pool cover. So I ask you to share this information with your friends, family or anyone who has a dog or puppy. It does not matter if they are a Bouvier or not, take a few moments and remind people and help educate them of the danger.

You would not let a toddler out by a pool by themselves, well don’t let your dog or puppy out by themselves if you have a pool. They are curious and sometime too adventurous for their own safety.

Our animals count on us to keep them safe. It isn’t always convenient but then we made that promise to them when we brought them into our lives to take care and protect them. It’s not always easy and at times calls for sacrifice but it is a responsibility you should take seriously. They are counting on you. They are with us for such a short time, cherish every moment you have with them.


Raising a Litter – Our Philosophy

June 10th, 2010 · 3 Comments · Latest News & Litters, Paw Prints from Belle - Tips and Advice

From the time of conception to the time each puppy starts their new lives with their families there are many decisions to be made, anxious hours of waiting, sleepless nights, countless time spent working with each puppy and the list goes on. We take this job to heart and realize how important those five+ months are to each puppy.

It all starts with deciding which male to breed to our female. We know what we are looking for in our puppies and do our best to create that perfect match. The most important being the temperament of the puppies. Your dog can be perfect when it comes to conformation and have champion bloodlines but if it does not have a great temperament is it not a dog we would like coming from Mohr Bouviers. These dogs are too large and powerful not to be even tempered.

Once that decision is made we wait to see if the breeding takes. Even though we do not know for sure if our female is pregnant we start feeding them like they are pregnant. That means they get converted to a good quality puppy food and plain whole milk yogurt is added to their diet. This is not only important to Mom but the probiotics and calcium are good for developing puppies.

All of our Bouviers receive conventional immunizations along with various herbal and holistic supplements to support their immune system and overall wellness. When one of our females is bred we continue with these supplements and add additional products to support the uterus throughout pregnancy and the birthing process. We use products that are not only helpful for Mom but also for the developing puppies. The supplements are continued once the puppies are born and throughout lactating. This is all done in an effort to give each puppy the very best start in life we can give them.

As the time approaches we start watching closely for signs of labor. Usually as the time grows close, Karl starts sleeping on the sofa in our living room. The nights are long with Lola (this year) coming over during the night, wanting to go outside since bladder control is a thing of the past for the time being. Then in and out of the whelping box continually scratching at the paper to make sure it is “just right.” This year this went on for about four days with Lola deciding to have her puppies during the day. That was greatly appreciated since I took the day off thinking “she is not going to make it though another day.”

The entire birthing process is truly a miracle but very nerve wracking for those watching and supporting. Thoughts go through your mind like “did we make the right decision, what if anything happens to either Mom or puppies.” But after many hours the puppies are all born, dried off, weighed, ribbons are tied around their necks for identification and notes taken for our records. The paper has been changed in the whelping box too many times to remember but everyone is fine and nursing happily. Mom is doing great, drinking water and eating a light dinner.

Then starts the raising process… This entails continuing to sleep downstairs to make sure everyone gets to eat during the night and that no one is laid on. This can happen easier then you think. Especially with large litters, it is hard for Mom to keep track of where all the puppies are and they wiggle around and sometimes end up under her. So that becomes Karl’s job to help Mom during the night if he hears any crying or squealing to check and do a puppy count. Needless to say by the time the puppies are two weeks old and Karl thinks the puppies are old enough to get out of harm’s way, the sleepless nights come to an end.

The puppies are handled from the time they are born. We hold each puppy so they get used to human contact. They are touched all over and rubbed which is a technique called Cradle and Massage and is part of Positive Reinforcement Training. Each puppy learns they are safe when being held and come to enjoy this time. We also make notations on each puppy’s reaction to this whole new adventure.

As the puppies start escaping from the whelping box it is time to think about putting up the exercise pen. This allows them to run around in an enclosed safe area. Although by this time the puppies have started on baby rice cereal mixed with water soaked puppy food and plain whole milk yogurt, they still get to be with Mom, if she allows them to nurse. We do not wean the puppies. Instead we let Mom wean the puppies. Believe me when those teeth start coming in Mom makes it very clear she does not want any of the puppies to nurse. But it is important for her to continue to be part of their lives. She starts to play with them and lets them know when they are getting out of control. These are things a puppy can only learn from another dog and who better than Mom. When the puppies have had their shots they can go outside and start exploring the farm with Mom, along with Uncle Houdini, Uncle Jethro and Grandma Belle. They play in the front yard at first then venture into the hay field under the watchful eye of Mom and her back-up.

The farm offers many new experiences and life lessons to be learned. There are all the new smells, sights and sounds on the farm. They get to experience grass under their paws, (for the brave) puddles to splash in, hills to run up and roll down. Then there is the always amusing game of hide in the tall grass and pounce on your littermate, usually ending up with a good chase! This is one of my favorite times with a new litter. Watching them being introduced to the outside world. Some are braver then others but before too long they are all playing and enjoying the farm.

Before too long and much too quickly comes the time we have been preparing for, letting each puppy move onto their new home and new role. This time is met with bittersweet emotions. We are so proud of each and every puppy and happy to see the excitement in the faces of their new families. But this time also brings some sadness in letting go. But in the end, letting go and sharing these wonderful creatures is why we starting breeding Bouviers. With that thought in the back of our minds we give each puppy a huge hug and a kiss and let them start out on their new adventure.

This is why we LOVE hearing from everyone with the latest funny, sweet or curious thing your puppy has done. This is especially easy to do via our website’s contact form or by dropping us an email at

So if you decide to add a Mohr Bouvier to your family, know that each puppy is raised with a lot of love, dedication and joy.


EPA Advisory – Flea and Tick Control Products

September 24th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Latest News & Litters, Paw Prints from Belle - Tips and Advice

We are all aware of how harmful fleas and ticks are to our dogs. But exactly how potentially harmful are the products we use to rid our dogs of fleas and ticks? Below is a Special Advisory from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding the use of these products?

Please take a few moments to read the article and decide for yourself if these product’s potential hazards are outweighed by their benefits.

I know Karl and I have decided not to use these products to manage fleas and ticks on our dogs and have had great success with an all natural product. But that was our decision after much thought and discussion.

Each dog owner must make up their own mind and feel comfortable and confident in their decision. If you ever want to discuss this and want to give us a call or contact us through our website, please do not hesitate. We are always willing to share our experiences and how things have worked for us.  Kory’s also started a thread in our discussion forum if anyone would like to offer their own experiences and input.

So take some time to read the article below and form your own opinion.

Special Advisory On Flea and Tick Control Products: Exercise Caution For Your Pet’s Sake

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued an advisory on the use of topical spot-on flea and tick treatments sold by pet retailers, including PSP. This advisory is due to increased incidents of adverse reactions in pets treated with these products. These reactions range from mild skin irritations to far more serious and, in some cases, fatal complications.

The EPA has acknowledged that spot-on products “can be appropriate treatments for protecting your pet’s and your family’s health because fleas and ticks can transmit disease.” The EPA notes that it is “not advising pet owners to stop using spot-ons, but is asking them to exercise caution and make informed decisions when selecting treatment methods.”

While many people use spot-on flea and tick treatments with no harmful effects to their pets, the EPA recommends that pet owners take precautions with these products. Please read all product label directions carefully and follow them “to the letter” when using spot-on flea and tick control treatments. Be sure to use spot-on products only on the animal specified by the label. NEVER use dog products on a cat, or cat products on a dog. Also, use only the amount of product specified in the instructions, based on the weight/size of your dog or cat.

Monitor your pet closely after applying spot-on products and consult your veterinarian if you have any questions about the use of these products, or your pet shows any signs of an adverse reaction. Consult a veterinarian before using these products if your pet is sick, aged, pregnant, nursing, is on medication or is exposed to other pesticide treatments.

Pet Supplies “Plus” will continue to offer spot-on treatments to help reduce the health risk posed by flea and tick infestation. However, we want to notify you about the EPA’s advisory so you can make the most informed decision possible for the sake of your pet’s health and safety.

For a link to the EPA’s advisory, click on this link:


Is That a Cart Behind That Bouvier?

July 10th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Paw Prints from Belle - Tips and Advice

Yes, it is if you happen to be around when 3 year old Houdini ventures out to show off his new cart! Karl has always wanted to get a cart and have our Bouviers pull it, well he is a man of his word. We are now the proud owners of a used Goat Cart and Custom Made Harness.

We took Houdini with us to check out the cart and see what his reaction would be. We pulled the cart up behind Houdini placing the shafts on either side of the dog. So far everything was fine so with that we asked Houdini to walk and we pulled the cart along behind him. Still, no reaction from Houdini, it was as if he had done it all his life. So the cart came home with us along with Houdini of course.

The next step was getting a harness. Karl found a gentleman who makes harnesses. We met with him to get the proper measurements for both the cart and Houdini. Once the harness was complete all we had left to do was put it all together.

Back at our farm we put the harness on Houdini and brought the cart up behind him and fastened the harness to the cart. The moment of truth, would Houdini mind actually pulling the cart on his own? We asked Houdini to heel and off he went. No hesitation; just what appeared to be a smile on his face!

We have taken Houdini out to a local outdoor antique show and he proudly pulled his cart around. He also allowed Jethro (1 year old puppy) to give it a try. And yes, we have another natural. Jethro seemed to take to it like his big brother did.

Houdini has also surprised our Granddaughter’s Sara and Lindsey by pulling them, one at a time, around Trexler Park and the Promenade (a local outdoor shopping center).

I encourage those of you who have a Bouvier to look into getting a cart and harness and let your Bouvier have some fun. Remember this breed was developed to be used for many different jobs one of which was as a draft dog, whether it was to pull a milk cart to market or a wounded soldier off the battlefield. So let them do what they were bred to do and watch them shine!

If anyone has any questions please feel free to give us a call (610-285-4682) or contact us through our website and we will try to answer any questions. We purchased our cart from Roy Martin (610-682-6445) who builds carts and the harness from Mervin Martin (717-656-4792) who makes harnesses.

Houdini w/ Sara & Lindsey at The Promenade.
(click the picture for a larger view)