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Is That a Cart Behind That Bouvier?

July 10th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Paw Prints from Belle - Tips and Advice

Yes, it is if you happen to be around when 3 year old Houdini ventures out to show off his new cart! Karl has always wanted to get a cart and have our Bouviers pull it, well he is a man of his word. We are now the proud owners of a used Goat Cart and Custom Made Harness.

We took Houdini with us to check out the cart and see what his reaction would be. We pulled the cart up behind Houdini placing the shafts on either side of the dog. So far everything was fine so with that we asked Houdini to walk and we pulled the cart along behind him. Still, no reaction from Houdini, it was as if he had done it all his life. So the cart came home with us along with Houdini of course.

The next step was getting a harness. Karl found a gentleman who makes harnesses. We met with him to get the proper measurements for both the cart and Houdini. Once the harness was complete all we had left to do was put it all together.

Back at our farm we put the harness on Houdini and brought the cart up behind him and fastened the harness to the cart. The moment of truth, would Houdini mind actually pulling the cart on his own? We asked Houdini to heel and off he went. No hesitation; just what appeared to be a smile on his face!

We have taken Houdini out to a local outdoor antique show and he proudly pulled his cart around. He also allowed Jethro (1 year old puppy) to give it a try. And yes, we have another natural. Jethro seemed to take to it like his big brother did.

Houdini has also surprised our Granddaughter’s Sara and Lindsey by pulling them, one at a time, around Trexler Park and the Promenade (a local outdoor shopping center).

I encourage those of you who have a Bouvier to look into getting a cart and harness and let your Bouvier have some fun. Remember this breed was developed to be used for many different jobs one of which was as a draft dog, whether it was to pull a milk cart to market or a wounded soldier off the battlefield. So let them do what they were bred to do and watch them shine!

If anyone has any questions please feel free to give us a call (610-285-4682) or contact us through our website and we will try to answer any questions. We purchased our cart from Roy Martin (610-682-6445) who builds carts and the harness from Mervin Martin (717-656-4792) who makes harnesses.

Houdini w/ Sara & Lindsey at The Promenade.
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