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Lola aka Mohr the Merrier has her last litter…

March 3rd, 2015 · 3 Comments · Latest News & Litters

Many of you are familiar with our sweet Lola. This past November Lola ended her breeding career by having one last litter of four adorable brindle girls. Lola had her babies two days before Thanksgiving so the names of the puppies were easy. Our theme was Thanksgiving which meant we had a Thanks, Giving, Cranberry and Sweet Potato.

The litter decided they wanted a little excitement so with a power outage (at one day old) we took to the road in search of warmth. We ended up at my daughter’s home. All nestled in Katy’s room with heat lamp above and a blanket on the floor they spent their first Thanksgiving.

I am pleased to report all four little girls have very special, loving homes. We look forward to hearing about all their new adventures.


Kiffle aka Mohr the Merrier becomes a Mom in a BIG way!

March 3rd, 2015 · 6 Comments · Latest News & Litters

Kiffle decided that if she was going to have a litter of puppies she was going to do it with the same gusto she does everything else in life!!! So after waiting 63 long days Kiffle whelped 10 puppies in just less than two hours!!

To say Kiffle and Charger aka GCH CH Poker Face From The Dogsfarm CGC created adorable puppies is an understatement. The puppies are all either black or dark brindle with adorable personalities. We had 10 families waiting anxiously for their turn to pick out their new family member.

Karl and I decided to keep one special little female to join our family of five Bouviers. Her name is Lista aka Need I Say Mohr. We are going to for the first time try our hand at showing which should be fun. After which Lista will be bred to raise her own puppies.

Needless to say we are anxious to bred Kiffle to Charger again in the spring of 2015!!!


Welcome to Our Latest Mohr Bouvier Families – Spring 2013

July 26th, 2013 · 5 Comments · Latest News & Litters

We would like to welcome four new families into the Mohr Bouvier Family. As everyone knows Lola had a very sweet litter of puppies this spring. They were Chunky Monkey, Chubby Hubby, Cinnamon Bun and Rock Road. Now if those names sound familiar you normally find them in the freezer section at your local grocery store. Lola’s version of the famous ice cream flavors came in rather large, fuzzy, snuggly packages with four paws.

First, we would like to welcome Kate and Darren Dreher and their two daughters, Chelsie and Callie. Normally an entire family comes over to pick out their puppy but in this case Darren was unable to join in the fun. So the women of the Dreher household set out to find their new family member on their own. And I must say the new family member didn’t wait too long before letting them know he was the one! Chunky Monkey soon became Othello or Otie for short. I think I am safe in saying Otie has become a loving member of this new Bouvier family.

Next, we have Joann and Pete Matiko. Joann and Pete have been patiently waiting for us to have a puppy for them and their patience paid off. They both came over to meet the puppies and once Pete lay down on our living room floor it took Cinnamon Bun two seconds to start climbing over him in a less-than-subtle attempt to let him know “PICK ME!!!!” Well the decision was made to add this adorable little girl to their family. Miss Cinnamon Bun was destined to become Coco.

Next, we have Donna and Charlie Gorman. After losing their beloved Bouvier last year they have been waiting for a puppy to help start building new memories with. And their new family member, Chubby Hubby, soon became Noah and is ready to fill their home with laughter. Noah is starting his new life learning from two very special loving people.

And that leaves our 4th family, Maria and Paul Hadjiyane. After losing their Bouvier Bob, it took some time for hearts to heal and allow them to open up to a new addition. But the time was right and a cute little fawn boy by the name of Rocky Road was looking for the right family. So the drive was made from VA to PA and Rocky Road became Louis. Louis is now not only surrounded by toys but surrounded by lots of playing, walking and most importantly love.

Welcome to one and all. We look forward to hearing lots and lots of stories and seeing loads of photos. Thank you all for opening your homes and hearts to your Mohr Bouvier puppy!!


All Spring 2012 Models Have Been Sold!!!

July 5th, 2012 · No Comments · Latest News & Litters

Lola shared eight beautiful puppies with us on May 9.  Although our Spring 2012 litter has all been sold into loving homes, if you are interested in information on our upcoming litters, please contact us at 610-285-4682 or contact us through our website.

Update (10/3/12): Mini Cooper has been sold! Mini Cooper is a special girl. She has not met a person she doesn’t love and by love I mean give unlimited kisses to, climb on their lap and play with; all of these irresistible qualities wrapped up in a beautiful little brindle package. Mini loves to be in the middle of everything. She will make a great addition to a family who wants a devoted, loving, smart and cute Bouvier as a member of their family.


Update (7/18/12): Lexus has been sold! Lexus is wonderful girl. She is outgoing and loves being with people. She has a little drive to her which would work well if you have a more active lifestyle. Whether that is jogging, walking or have a desire to do agility, Lexus is the puppy for you. Lexus loves to play, also gives unlimited kisses and loves being held (unless there is some place she feels she must go!)


New Litter Announcement – Lola 2011

May 18th, 2011 · 7 Comments · Latest News & Litters

Lola decided early Wednesday morning (5/11/11) that she was ready to introduce us to her latest, sweet puppies! Which meant Karl and I had to scramble to get ready quickly since she decided to go early! So started our exciting somewhat nail biting Wednesday.

I am pleased to announce that we ended our day with a very proud and tired Lola with three little girls and two boys by her side. At this point it looks like we have one fawn female, one fawn male and the other three are brindles.

Thursday morning brought their first road trip down to visit Dr. Rossi at North Penn Animal Hospital. After a good once over the puppies left with their new Bouvier tails.

We will keep updating our website with pictures and videos as they babies grow. For now they are sleeping, eating and snuggling with Mom. But we know that will not last long. Before long they will be exploring the whelping box and then onto the living room.

Update 8/7/11 – All the puppies have been spoken for.  We’d like to thank those families whom have welcomed our puppies into their homes!