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Welcome to Our Lola Litter 2011 Families

August 7th, 2011 · 3 Comments · Latest News & Litters

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(Lola’s 2011 litter announcement.) Earlier this spring I got a call from a family desperate to welcome a Bouvier puppy into their home. Pamela and George had lost their 10 year old Bouvier Gary and needed the joy a puppy can bring to your life to help you heal. At first I did not have much hope that we would have a puppy for Pamela and Gary since all of our litter was spoken for. When it came time for families to come pick out their puppy I got an email from one family stating this was just not the right time for them to add a puppy to their family. I made a phone call and Pamela and George were in their car and on their way from Cape May Courthouse, NJ to meet their new puppy. Joey, now known as Larry, is bringing laughter, companionship and love to the Verity’s. If you are ever in Cape May, NJ and see a special brindle Bouvier by the name of Larry make sure you stop and say “hi”!

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Carol and Bob McGee decided having just one Bouvier isn’t enough especially when that one is a very handsome two year old Bouvier named Moose. Moose is one of Belle’s puppies and was the first Bouvier for the McGee’s. The McGee’s decided to make Zena (Phoebe), a cute brindle female, part of their family. Needless to say Moose has taken on the job of showing his little sister the ropes, whether it is to go camping, hang out at an art show or just be at home. We look forward to hearing about the adventures of this adorable duo.

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Paul and Devon Wisneski have opened their hearts and home to our adorable Chandler now known as Grady. This is the first Bouvier for Devon but not for Paul whose parents have had Bouviers. Grady, with his quiet, gentle manner, was the perfect fit for this young family. Grady who loves to play but also enjoys snuggling, will be kept very busy with this active couple. So if you find yourself in West Chester, PA and see a rather large, light brindle Bouvier it may very well be Grady.

Mynette Gregory lost her Bouvier to cancer and left a very empty spot in her life. And Rachel, now named Schatzie, was the perfect puppy for the job of filling that empty spot with lots of laughter and joy. Even as a young puppy Schatzie had been our little party girl. She would be the first one to come up and say “hi” to people and play. We expect to hear lots of funny stories about this sweet little girl.


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This brings us to our little Miss Hope. As many of you know Hope had some challenges from the beginning but she has taught us to never give up. With some extra time, commitment and lots of love she has grown into a happy puppy. And we are pleased to say has joined our daughter, Keli, and granddaughters, Sara and Lindsey, in Nebraska. Although Keli was raised with Bouviers, Hope is her first Bouvier puppy. With our daughter living a long distance away and raising our two granddaughters as a single parent, Karl and I wanted her to have a Bouvier not only for companionship but also for protection. We wanted her to have a sweet yet bold, playful yet serious, cuddly yet protective puppy. One who would listen to bedtime stories and chase monsters from under the bed. One who would attend tea parties and play with any children that may come over to visit. And one who would keep any unwelcomed visitors away. From what I hear Matilda Hope is doing a good job at making Sara and Lindsey giggle and showing everyone that she must be able to keep a watchful eye on all three girls at all times.

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We’d like to thank all five families for opening up their homes and hearts to our puppies. Enjoy them, love them and keep us updated with any stories and, of course, lots of pictures.


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  • 1 gus and bob // Aug 8, 2011 at 12:44 pm

    wish the very best to all the proud new owners. looks as if the pups are making themselves at home real quick. great pics

  • 2 Carol McGee // Aug 8, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    What a great write up of all the families. We absolutely LOVE our new little Xena ! She is our sweet little warrior puppy. Super smart and lovin’ life !

  • 3 nancy koch // Aug 9, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    Lola… you made another great litter of puppies! They are all so cute and full of love to share with their new families.
    Welcome to all our newest extended Bouvier family!

    🙂 Heffala, Nancy and Mike

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