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“Moose” In The House – April 2010

March 26th, 2010 · 5 Comments · Bouvier in the Spotlight

Moose is a handsome and gentle soul. He has been the delight of our family since we brought him home from the Mohr farm! We are first-time Bouvier owners and did a lot of research when we decided to adopt Moose into our family. He has been easy to train and is always very eager to please.

Moose LOVES children and children seem to love him too. He gives them lots of kisses and enjoys sharing his ball and rope with them. The girls across the street want him to learn to pull them around in their wagon! (Dear Reader, if you’re interested in Bouviers and carts, feel free to read this post.) Hopefully we can start training him to do that soon.

We also have a 10 year old, 10 pound toy poodle, Mocha, who ruled the roost until Moose came along. While Moose was small, Mocha still had the idea that he was in charge and they even enjoyed an occasional friendly game of tug of war. Now that Moose is approaching 80 lbs, it’s a different story! Moose simply bats him out of the way and takes what he wants. One of his favorite toys is a little blue waffle ball which he entertains himself with. I think the conversation in his head must go something like this “chew on the ball”, “carry the ball”, “toss the ball”, “pounce on the ball”, “chase the ball”…..Repeat.

We are a camping family, and Moose fits right in with that. He went along with us last season and I just know he is very excited about going again this year. He loves being the center of attention at the campground. He has his own camping chair and loves to sit by the campfire, although he has not mastered the art of making s’mores yet.

Recently, Moose has developed some very interesting talents. He has perfected the art of taking the stitching out of a moccasin without actually destroying the slipper and activating the carbon monoxide detector by breathing on it. These are useful things to know!

Moose also has an uncanny talent for telling time. He begins to make a low howling noise at exactly 6:30 every morning. We are waiting for him to realize when it’s the weekend!

Some of you may know that Bob is an artist. Moose is his constant companion in the studio. Who knows, maybe you’ll soon see some artwork from “The Moose.”