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“Moose” In The House – April 2010

March 26th, 2010 · 5 Comments · Bouvier in the Spotlight

Moose is a handsome and gentle soul. He has been the delight of our family since we brought him home from the Mohr farm! We are first-time Bouvier owners and did a lot of research when we decided to adopt Moose into our family. He has been easy to train and is always very eager to please.

Moose LOVES children and children seem to love him too. He gives them lots of kisses and enjoys sharing his ball and rope with them. The girls across the street want him to learn to pull them around in their wagon! (Dear Reader, if you’re interested in Bouviers and carts, feel free to read this post.) Hopefully we can start training him to do that soon.

We also have a 10 year old, 10 pound toy poodle, Mocha, who ruled the roost until Moose came along. While Moose was small, Mocha still had the idea that he was in charge and they even enjoyed an occasional friendly game of tug of war. Now that Moose is approaching 80 lbs, it’s a different story! Moose simply bats him out of the way and takes what he wants. One of his favorite toys is a little blue waffle ball which he entertains himself with. I think the conversation in his head must go something like this “chew on the ball”, “carry the ball”, “toss the ball”, “pounce on the ball”, “chase the ball”…..Repeat.

We are a camping family, and Moose fits right in with that. He went along with us last season and I just know he is very excited about going again this year. He loves being the center of attention at the campground. He has his own camping chair and loves to sit by the campfire, although he has not mastered the art of making s’mores yet.

Recently, Moose has developed some very interesting talents. He has perfected the art of taking the stitching out of a moccasin without actually destroying the slipper and activating the carbon monoxide detector by breathing on it. These are useful things to know!

Moose also has an uncanny talent for telling time. He begins to make a low howling noise at exactly 6:30 every morning. We are waiting for him to realize when it’s the weekend!

Some of you may know that Bob is an artist. Moose is his constant companion in the studio. Who knows, maybe you’ll soon see some artwork from “The Moose.”


And Then There Were None…

September 16th, 2009 · 4 Comments · Latest News & Litters

Mohr Bouviers is proud to welcome Brenda and Dick from Greensboro, NC to the Mohr Bouvier Family. Our little Petunia is now a Southern Belle.

About a month ago Brenda saw our description of Petunia on our website and thought she would be a perfect fit for their family. Brenda and Dick have faced some very difficult and sad times over the past two years which included losing their faithful Bouvier, Valentine. Nothing helps heal a broken heart quite like a Bouvier with those soulful eyes that seem to understand without any words required. After several conversations and emails the only decision to be made was how to unite Petunia with her new family. The timing was perfect with Karl and me leaving for a long weekend visit with my Dad in Boone, NC. So with Petunia in the back seat off we headed for what turned out to be a very long drive but well worth it. Watching Petunia get to know her new family was filled with many emotions for all. But before too long it was time for Petunia to go home with her family and complete her journey to Greensboro.

We have talked to Brenda since our return to PA and Ginger aka Petunia is doing just fine. She is making herself right at home and found a nice cool spot (on top of the AC vent) to nap and watch all the activities. She has met her two dog sisters, Savannah, a Standard Party Poodle, and Keiko, a Chinese Crested, along with human family and friends. She has greeted everyone including the vet and his staff with a wagging tail which tends to wiggle her entire body!! Ginger is exploring her big yard and starting to play games of fetch along side her sister Savannah. And rumor has it there is a red Buick Reatta convertible with leather upholstery the same color as Ginger that will be used for adventures around town once Ginger is a little older. I can’t wait to see the pictures.

So if you find yourself in North Carolina and see a gorgeous fawn Bouvier sitting in a red convertible, it just might be Ginger doing her job of helping a family smile and heal!


And Then There Was One…

August 26th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Latest News & Litters

This past Sunday despite the warm, humid weather, Karl and I decided to get George and Petunia out and about at the Promenade in Saucon Valley. As we were walking we met a family who had just lost their five year old Bouvier. Anyone who has lost a beloved dog knows how difficult a time it can be. Although your dog can never be replaced there is nothing like a wiggling, fuzzy, kissing puppy to put a smile on your face. Which lead this family to open their home and hearts to George now known as Eddie.

We would like to welcome the entire Rossi Family to the Mohr Bouvier Family.  Eddie ’s new family is very diverse. We have Dr. Joe who is the founder of North Penn Vet Hospital located in Lansdale, PA, his wife Jill and their three children Joey, Alexa and Evan. Now the diversity comes with the four legged family members, several Norwich Terriers which Jill shows and breeds, an Irish Wolf Hound, Irish Sport Horses, cattle and sheep. I hope I did not miss anyone. Eddie’s life is going to not only be filled with lots of love but some very exciting adventures with all his new friends.

We look forward to hearing stories and seeing pictures of their newest family member.

Petunia is still available and looking for her perfect home. But until that family finds her she has started with her housebreaking and gets to walk with the “Big Guys” in the morning and hang out with them all day. Houdini has taken her under his paw and is showing her the ropes of being a good farm dog.

If you know of anyone who would be a perfect match for Petunia please give them our phone number 610-285-4682 or they may contact us through our website.


And Then There Were Two…

August 14th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Latest News & Litters

As everyone knows, earlier in the spring Lola gave us five adorable puppies. We have found wonderful homes for three of her puppies but are still looking for the perfect homes for George and Petunia.

SOLD! – George is a very handsome boy with a working mind. If there is something new George is the one who checks it out. He loves learning and would make a fantastic addition to a family with children or for a family who has a farm. He likes to be in the thick of things and helping out. But don’t let that fool you, George also loves to cuddle and give lots of kisses.

Petunia is our sensitive girl. She is a beautiful girl who loves to play quietly, snuggle and be by your side. Petunia would be perfect for a quiet family or a retired couple. Unlike George, Petunia feels working is really overrated. Petunia lives by the motto “why do work when you can sit back and watch!” Petunia loves to go for walks on her leash and meet new people.

If you know of anybody that would make a wonderful match for either George or Petunia please give them our name and number (610-285-4682) or they may contact us through our website.


They Are Here!

May 27th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Latest News & Litters

Mohr Bouviers is very excited to announce the arrival of Lola’s first litter. Lola decided that yesterday during a rainy, cold afternoon would be a great time to let us meet the puppies she had been working on for the past 63 days!! She has 5 beautiful puppies, 3 boys and 2 girls. Momma and puppies are doing just fine.

We will post some pictures in the 2009 Litter image gallery as the puppies grow. If anyone is interested in a puppy from this litter please contact us so we can add you to our list.

Update: Lola’s puppies will be ready by next weekend, June 27th, to have visitors. Anyone interested in a puppy should call us at 610-285-4682 and schedule a good time to come over and meet your next Bouvier. Lola is very excited to show-off her babies. So give us a call and come over to meet Petunia, Cutie Pie, Sammy, George and Clyde!!

One of the “chunky monkeys” (Click for a larger view)