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One Reindeer Left & Puppy Updates…

January 15th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Latest News & Litters

All of Belle’s puppies have found their new families except Cupid. Cupid is an adorable black female who loves to play and snuggle. She can be a little bossy but when you correct her she gives you kisses as an apology. She has a fairly large frame and will probably end up in the 80 lb. range. She would be a wonderful addition to a family who enjoys walking, jogging or has active older children giving her the exercise she will need. I would not recommend her to a family with really young children. Anyone interested in carting? She should be a big enough girl to pull a cart.

If you feel your home would be a good fit for Cupid please feel free to contact us. Until we find the perfect family she will be part of our Bouvier family and learn all about the farm.

Rudolf is joining the May family. They have three children who have come up with his new name Peanut Bubbles May! This will be the family’s first Bouvier and Peanut is just the right puppy to welcome the May’s into the world of Bouviers. The May’s live close to our farm so we hope to hear all about their new adventures and see lots of pictures.

Prancer will be joining Nancy, David, Maggie, Ben, Chester (guinea pig) and Lucy (10 yr. old Bouvier). The family is very familiar with Bouviers and are very excited to welcome Kodi Little Bear aka Kodi into their family. It is Lucy’s job to continue teaching the new pup all about being a Bouvier, guarding the family, drying your wet beard on someone’s lap, playing in the snow etc. So much to learn…. Kodi will be living with her new family in Bryn Mawr, PA so she won’t be too far.

Dancer is going to be a southern girl. She will be joining her new family the Schmidt’s in Savannah, GA. Drew and her daughters wanted a Bouvier as a companion, playmate and guardian. Our little Dancer is the perfect fit for this all female family! Dancer’s new name is Daisy which really suits her. Daisy will have a long drive ahead of her but once down in Savannah I am confident she will make herself right at home.

Vixen is going to be part of the Abrams family from Morgantown, PA. Bella (Vixen) will be Pam and Steve’s first Bouvier. They are familiar with the breed and decided to add a Bouvier to their family of Millie, a Standard Poodle and Panu, a Miniature Poodle. The girls will be teaching Bella all about traveling in a RV. The Abrams love to travel and when they do their dogs go with them. What an exciting life Bella is going to have!

Blitzen will be part of the Ness family. Desiree and her son are also first time Bouvier owners. They met Houdini and me at PetSmart. Who could resist my handsome boy Houdini?! After answering questions about the breed Desiree decided this was the breed for her. Ocho (Blitzen) will be teaching the family all the wonderful qualities this breed has to offer the right family. We look forward to hearing about all their adventures. Again we are very lucky; this family lives in Northampton, PA so he will be close.

Welcome, Everyone, to the Mohr Bouvier Family!!!

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  • 1 Linda // Jan 16, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    CONGRATS !! It sounds like they all have wonderful homes and exciting lives ahead of them !!! And I’m sure the perfect home is out there waiting for Cupid also !! Maybe she’s waiting for Feb 14 for placement……….

  • 2 april // Feb 3, 2011 at 7:40 am

    Well, Peanut has moved right in with no problems. He is growing right before our eyes! Our other dog Teddy is so happy to have a friend (as long as Peanut stay’s out of his food). The snow is making housebreaking so fun but Peanut thinks it’s fun to eat. He is a great addition to our family!

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