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Reagan’s New Family

September 28th, 2011 · 4 Comments · Latest News & Litters

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Welcome to the Croft Family

After spending a wonderful couple of months with our sweet Reagan, we have found the Croft family from Emmaus, PA. They called inquiring about Reagan and decided to meet her in person. They spent a couple of hours with this wonderful girl and it was a unanimous decision to ask if Reagan could be a member of their family. The question was asked of us but Reagan had made her decision early on.

When the family arrived we took Reagan up in our hayfield to run around and meet her potential new family. Valentine, Mom to five children, sat down in the hayfield only to have Reagan sit right next to her for some cuddle time and, of course, give kisses. Now I don’t know if Reagan sensed that Valentine is from Belgium but Reagan seemed focused on her. If that was not enough, we were walking back down to the house whenValentine stopped to open her car door and get her purse.  Reagan took that as a sign to jump right in. In all our years of working with Bouviers we have learned to trust our dogs to let us know where they belong. And in my opinion Reagan was telling us, “I want to go home with this family.” So after some tears (on my part) the decision was made to let the Croft family make Reagan a part of their family.

So welcome to Kenn, Valentine, Sarah, Lewis, Matthew, Nicholas and Thomas to the Mohr Bouviers family. Thank you for opening your hearts and home to Reagan and providing her with the loving home she deserves!! We look forward to hearing many heartwarming stories and seeing lots of pictures.

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