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Local Businesses & Services

August 7th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Latest News & Litters

We always enjoy sharing our resources. Here is a list of services with names and contact information. If you know of a service that should be included please let us know.


K-9 Design 610-489-2424

If you want your Bouvier groomed by someone who has specialized in the breed for 20+ years then give Karen a call. We have used Karen for too many years to mention and feel she is well worth the drive to Collegeville. I honestly think Karen could groom a Bouvier in Full Coat with her eyes closed she is that good!

Groomingdales 610-481-9577

Lisa has been grooming Bouviers for a number of years and is located in the Lehigh Valley. In fact, thanks to Lisa referring a friend to us, Nancy and Mike Koch have joined the Mohr Bouvier Family! Lisa has three Mohr Bouviers as her customers and does a wonderful job keeping them looking great and smelling sweet.

Supplements for a Healthy Dog:

Nancy Koch 610-481-9137

Nancy is the proud Mom of Heffala and Aunt to Gus both from our 2006 litter. But it is Nancy’s knowledge and passion for alternative ways of supporting a dog’s health that makes her a wonderful resource for supplements. Nancy’s first Bouvier Mandy had Lymes disease along with other health issues. Nancy’s devotion to helping Mandy live a long and happy life took her down a path of research and the result was finding the positive affects supplements could provide. We have used several of the supplements Nancy has recommended and have been amazed at the results.

Obedience Training:

Bill’s Dog Training 484-767-9847

Bill not only owns a Mohr Bouvier but he has trained quite a few and their owner’s. Bill has group classes along with private lessons when requested. Classes are from Beginner Class up to Advance Class. Although Bill won’t admit this he has an Advanced Bouvier Class. And yes other breeds are always welcome but it seems to end up being filled with Mohr Bouviers. Belle is usually in attendance to make sure her kids behave themselves and remember that she is “BOSS”!!

Paintings and Wild Life Art:

Bob McGee 610-966-1437

Bob and his wife Carol are the proud owners of Moose. When Bob and Carol came to our farm to meet the puppies, Bob shared with us his love of art and animals. We are very anxious to see more of his work. Give Bob a call or email him if you are interested in having a painting of your Bouvier. I am confident he will be able to capture on canvas the true essence of your beloved Bouvier.

Draft Equipment:

Roy Martin 610-682-6445

Roy is a wood crafter by trade. He can make anything from a simple stool to and elaborate cabinet. Roy can also custom make a cart for your Bouvier to pull. If you don’t want to go the route of custom, Roy can also order a manufactured cart from his contacts. This is the individual Karl and I purchased Houdini’s cart that was featured in “Is That a Cart Behind That Bouvier?”

Mervin Martin 717-656-4792

If you have a cart for your Bouvier you will need a harness. We had Houdini’s harness made by Mervin. You will need to have Mervin see the cart and measure the dog to have a perfect fit. A harness can be made in either leather or nylon in a variety of colors.