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And Then There Were None…

March 2nd, 2011 · 1 Comment · Latest News & Litters

We are pleased to announce our little girl Cupid has found her home. Brigitta, Scott and their son Michael have opened their hearts and home to Cupid. The family lost their Bouvier several months ago and felt it was time to think start looking at their options. In the past they have adopted a retired female who was used for breeding and a retired show dog, but never a Bouvier puppy. Well that has all changed with the addition of Cupid. Cupid will be living with her new family in New Jersey so not too far away.

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We would also like to welcome the Brickman family from the DC area. The Brickman’s are first time Bouvier owners and who better to introduce them to the “Wonderful World of Bouviers” then our little red fawn girl Dancer. The Brickman’s have 4 children ranging in age of 4 to 11 and 2 smaller dogs. Being in the DC area the Brickman’s decided a good name for Dancer would be Reagan. So Reagan has started her life with this loving family and showing them how a Bouvier can be playful, protective and loving all in one very cute package.

Earlier this month I received a call from Desiree, Ocho’s owner. Desiree explained how her home life had changed and she felt it would be best for Ocho to be with another family. This is always a very difficult decision to make but when you love your puppy you want what is best for them. We made a phone call to Maria Durante who had expressed interest in a quiet male puppy. After meeting Ocho it was very obvious to Maria that she had found her puppy. Ocho joins Maria and her 2 smaller dogs Ziva and Abby in their home in Conshohocken, PA. Karl and I join Maria in thanking Desiree for making this heart breaking decision and for loving Ocho so very much!!

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  • 1 Brigitta Acton // Mar 14, 2011 at 11:23 pm

    Hello all! Yes, Cupid has settled into the Acton household here in NJ! She is such a character…loves to play with a ball that “talks” each time she touches it, has learned to “sit” for treats, walks up and down our indoor steps and is almost totally housebroken. If she goes on the floor, it’s because we missed her signals…pacing and whimpering. Our son, Michael, has had the pleasure of spending days at home with Cupid until Scott and I return home in the afternoon. Michael and Cupid are definitely “best buddies!” One funny thing that Cupid has done right from the start is rest underneath a kitchen stool as I sit at the computer. It was easy for her to slide under when she was a mere 22 pounds. Now that Cupid has grown and gained weight, it is amazing to us that she can still squeeze underneath. I’m waiting for the day when she decides to get up quickly and lifts the stool (and me) with her!!Of course, I could go on and on about our little girl. However, I just wanted to share our happiness with other members of the Mohr Bouvier family. We miss our beloved, Biskit Bouvier, who died in November. However, this little girl has now claimed aspecial space in our hearts and helped heal our hurt over Biskit’s passing. Thanks to Linda and Karl for providing such a loving beginning during Cupid’s formative months. Their special care and dedication has certainly made a difference in the way Cupid has bonded to us and lets us hold and cuddle her….even now that she is leaving her puppy days behind. We are forever grateful to Linda and Karl and feel so fortunate to have found such wonderful breeders of this beautiful breed. We’ll keep you posted….Love, The Acton Family

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